What Game-Changer provides

Helping student-athletes safely navigate the complexities of the US scholarship process.

Focusing on the key areas of evaluation, preparation, promotion and support, our Game Changer program empowers student-athletes to explore, pursue and secure a scholarship to study and compete in US college sports. Thanks to our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation we are also uniquely placed to offer each athlete and their family an opportunity equity subsidy to significantly reduce the costs of pursuing these future pathway options compared to standard recruitment agencies. Check out all the services we provide to get you recruited on scholarship below.


All our complimentary assessment services are designed to help student-athletes and their families make an informed decision before pursuing these alternative future pathway options.

Eligibility Review

We review your athletic & academic ability to determine your eligibility for scholarship & verify your status as a prospective-student athlete.

Future Pathway ID

We help you determine the best pathway into the US collegiate system based on your current athletic & academic ability.

Discovery Consultation

Once verified we meet with you so you can discover more about the scholarship opportunities that might be available to you.

Payment Plans

We can help you set-up interest-free payment plans to manage your program fees & any out-of-pocket college expenses.


All our preparation services are geared toward building readiness for the recruitment process and promotion to our network of US college coaches.

GPA Calculation

We convert all your high-school grades & calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA) to be aligned with the US education system.

Approved Courses

We provide you with expert insights into the approved high-school core courses that will count toward your academic eligibility & overall GPA.

SAT Exam Preparation

We help you register & prepare for the SAT exam including helpful study resources, exam taking tips & practice tests.

Eligibility Certification

We help you register for the NCAA and/or NAIA Eligibility Center so you can get certified to compete in college sport.

Prospect Profile®

We develop your custom web-based athlete profile containing all your athletic & academic information for coaches to review.

Video Analysis

We use best-in-class video analysis tools to professionally analyse your game footage so we can highlight your athletic potential.

Highlight Reel Production

We use the video analysis to professionally edit & produce your highlight reel to showcase your potential to US college coaches.

60 Second Pitch Video

We help you produce a professional elevator pitch video to introduce yourself to college coaches & provide an insight into who you are..

Degree Exploration

We offer expert academic advice to help you explore your degree options & determine the best fit for your academic development.

Prospect Management

We provide personalised one-to-one support to help you safely navigate all the administrative steps in the college recruitment process.


All our professional promotion services are geared toward showcasing your potential to our nationwide coaching network that covers every coach in every sport at every college in the US.

College ID & Matching

We identify US colleges that are matched with your athletic & academic potential & sociocultural preferences.

Promotional Strategy

We design your bespoke promotional campaign & meet with you to walk you through your recruitment game-plan.

Promotion to Colleges

We promote you to our nationwide network of US college coaches that have been specifically matched with your athletic & academic ability.

Student-Athlete Liaison

Our student-athlete liaison team handle all coach communication & liaise with you & your family regarding all college coach interest.

College Interest Tracking

We use our proprietary CollegeTrak® system to help you track & monitor all college coach interest & official scholarship funding offers.

Prospect Profile® Updates

Our team continually updates your athlete profile throughout the recruitment process so it develops alongside you.

Offer Review Consultation

We meet with you to help you weigh up all college interest & offers so you can determine the best holistic fit for your future.

Coach Outreach

We help you with tips on how to connect with coaches & make a good first impression not only as an athlete but also as a person.

Official Visits

We facilitate and arrange official visits to US colleges so prospective student-athletes can get a feel for the college and the sport program first-hand.


All our support services have been designed to help smooth your transition and subsequent integration into America.

Admissions Support

Once committed to a college, we help you prepare & submit your academic transcripts & graduation credentials as part of the college admissions process.

Student Visa Support

We provide assistance with applying for your F1-Student Visa including guidance for safely navigating the SEVIS process & your US embassy appointment.

Ongoing Support

We continue to support you once in America to smooth your cultural transition & help you with any subsequent college transfers if required.

Goodwill Refund

As a not-for-profit we exist to make a difference...not a buck! If we can't generate college interest that translates into scholarship offers we refund your program fees.

We call it Game Changer for good reason.

The scholarships we help secure really do ‘change the game’ by empowering talented young Aussies to use their athletic ability as the vehicle to largely fund their tertiary education and create a great foundation for the future. The average scholarship package we secured for our Fall 2020 athletes was $21,000 USD. This equates to an eye-watering $84,000 USD in funding over the fours years of their degree program!

Jacob Battista
"I received interest from over 40 college soccer programs and had several scholarship offers. The team at CARYS really helped weigh up my options and select the best fit not only athletically but also educationally and socially. I ended up accepting a great combined athletic and academic scholarship package at a top NAIA DI college and can't wait to get started later this year"

Jacob Battista
Viterbo University Fall 2020 Recruit
St Kevins College
Grace Norbury
"I was promoted to all NCAA college soccer programs and ended up being offered a full-ride to study and compete at Alabama State University in the NCAA DI. A full-ride basically means my whole education will be fully funded. I can't wait to start my college journey and am already in contact with my new teammates before heading over later in the year."

Grace Norbury
Alabama State University Fall 2020 Recruit
Sacre Coeur

We exist to make a difference...not a profit.

Game-Changer aims to create a level playing field for all athletes to use their athletic talent as the vehicle to further their education. As a not-for-profit, we achieve this by offering our professional consultancy services at a cost that is significantly lower than traditional athlete recruitment agencies.

Through funding received through the Australian Sports Foundation our unique opportunity equity subsidy helps to reduce the program cost by a further 20%. This subsidy is available for all eligible athletes until July 2020. Check out our program cost calculator below to see how much you could save when it’s applied.


We get you match fit in readiness to be marketed to US colleges
We implement your personalised promotion campaign to get you connected with a range of scholarship opportunities


Our opportunity equity subsidy helps to create a level playing field for all talented athletes to realise their potential.

At CARYS, we believe education is the world’s most powerful investment. Our mission is to help people fund it.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions that support access to education. Through our partners Edstart we are able to provide families with interest-free payment plans that help spread the cost of the program into more manageable payments across the year.

Our help doesn’t stop once you start college in America. We are also uniquely placed to help student-athletes and families cover any education-related out-of-pocket expenses including excess tuition fees, accommodation, textbooks, tutoring and extra-curricular activities. Now that is a REAL Game-Changer!

Keen to explore this future pathway? Let our expert team evaluate your potential eligibility.

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