About Game-Changer

Our Game-Changer initiative creates life-changing opportunities for talented young athletes to secure scholarships to compete in US college sports while furthering their education.

The Game-Changer initiative is a socially-driven program developed and delivered by the Centre of Applied Research in Youth Sport; a not-for-profit research institute dedicated to empowering young people to realise their potential in sport, education and life.

Promoting opportunity equity.

The Game-Changer program empowers student-athletes to explore, pursue and secure scholarship funding to study and play sport at an American college or university.

While many talented athletes might be eligible to secure scholarship funding, standard recruitment costs are often prohibitive for a lot of families.

Driven by our core purpose and brought to life through our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, we are uniquely placed to ‘level the playing field’ and provide equal opportunities for all talented athletes to pursue a scholarship through our opportunity equity subsidy. This subsidy helps to significantly reduce the standard costs associated with large-scale recruitment agencies.

We are also uniquely positioned to help athletes and their families fund our subsidised program fees and any ongoing out-of-pocket US college expenses through a range of flexible interest-free payment plans that alleviate the need for up-front payments.

Game-Changer makes a real difference to the lives of young people by helping them secure funding that largely covers the cost of their tertiary education while providing life experiences that positively shape their character and build a strong foundation for the future.

The building-blocks of our Game-Changer program.


Our core purpose to help all young people realise their potential provides the cornerstone for our socially-driven program.


Underpinned by over a decade of experience successfully helping athletes secure scholarships to US colleges.


Strengthened by long-standing relationships with US colleges, coaches, schools, athletes & parents built on trust, authenticity & transparency.


State-of-the-art technology brings our program to life with next-gen tools to identify colleges and showcase a student-athlete's potential.

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